tu bshvat project
Updated: 2/7/2020
tu bshvat project

Storyboard Text

  • Sure honey
  • Mommy we don't have anymore grapes.So can we go and buy some?
  • Red grapes contain high amounts of anthocyanins and green grapes lack anthocyanins.
  • Well honey green grapes are just crisper.
  • mommy what is the difference between purple and green grapes ?
  • yes mom i know its crisper but i want to know the science behind it.
  • ok sweetie i will tell you well we get home !
  • yes sweetie :)
  • Is that why most people prefer green grapes over purple ones ?
  • wow !! that is so cool How do you know that ??
  • In the Purim story people drank wine plder then them so if you are 48 the wine would be 48 years old too.
  • my amazing teacher Morah lipskier taught me !