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Updated: 2/28/2020
Current events

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  • Trump Unleashes Fury day after impeachment acquittal
  • “It was evil, it was corrupt, it was dirty cops,"
  • Sticking to Script: Bregman, cheating, Astros say they are sorry
  • “I am really sorry about the choices that were made by my team, by the organization and by me. I have learned from this and I hope to regain the trust of baseball fans,”
  • UNM offers free college to first-time students
  • "New Mexico’s flagship university plans to offer free college to next fall’s incoming freshmen.."
  • Trumps Impeachment was declared Acquittal(a judgment that a person is not guilty of the crime with which the person has been charged.). Even though it's a good thing for trump he is super upset that it was even a problem. He feels that his name was put in the worng and that it was "Disgrace" since he had done nothing wrong. Trump expressed his feelings clearly at the annual bipartisan prayer breakfest awhere he stated that he was a victim of political foes.
  • Bregman and his team the Houston Astros have cheated in games on the 2019 season. They had used cameras to see other teams plays. In Bregmans 30 second speech he states that him and his team are truly sorry for what they did and that they hope to regain trust with their fans. He ended by saying thank you to their fans and that him and his teamates "Are totally focused on moving forward to the 2020 season".
  • New Mexico’s flagship university plans to offer free college to next fall’s incoming freshmen from families making $50,000 or less.The University of New Mexico announced Thursday the launch of “The Lobo First-Year Promise,” which is essentially a new scholarship that will pay any tuition and fees for qualifying first-time students.