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Osiris and Isis
Updated: 9/14/2020
Osiris and Isis
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Storyboard Text

  • The god Osiris cam to Egypt to rule as king. He brought the people new laws, taught them how to farm, and live peacefully with one another
  • Laws!
  • Osiris' brother Seth was very jealous of his brother's power,and he began to form a plan to kill Osiris and take over his throne.
  • Seth tiptoed into Osiris' room and got his exact body measurements
  • Seth made a wooden chest to Osris' exact measurements. He then said that whoever could fit perfectly in the box could keep it. As soon as Osiris stepped into the box, Seth slammed the lid shut and sealed it shut. Then Seth dumped the box into the Nile River.
  • After hearing about the death of her husband, Isis ran to the river, found the crate, and hid the corpse of her deceased husband. She wanted to be able to perform the proper rituals that would bring him back to her
  • Seth was furious that Osris' body was not washed away, so he cut his body up into 14 pieces and spread them all over Egypt.
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