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Updated: 2/19/2020
comic history
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  • Cause: Enlightenment The Enlightenment spread ideas such as John Locke's ideas about social contract. Enlightenment ideas about equality and independence fueled future revolutions in Latin America.
  • Social Contract is the citizen's right to revolt against unjust governments.
  • John Locke
  • Cause: Discrimination The creoles were treated unequally by Spain such as how important government jobs were mainly occupied by peninsulares. They also didn't have the same economic opportunities due to the fact they were only allowed to trade with the Spanish, which mostly benefited Spanish merchants (mecantilsim).
  • Why is it always the peninsulares? Aren't we Spaniards too?
  • Stop mercantilism! It doesn't help us creoles!
  • Goals: Equal Status/Independence The creoles wanted equal status, so they would have equal political opportunities. Moreover, they wanted independence from Spain.
  • Fight for freedom! For equality!
  • Break free from Spain!
  • Simon Bolivar's Movement of Independence Starting from 1811 to the 1830's, Bolivar led rebellions in Latin American colonies that would led to their independence from the Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Independence, independence, independence...
  • Important Doc.: Jamaica Letter The Jamaica letter was written in 1815 by Bolivar. It points out his ideals of independence for Latin America.
  • Outcome: Still Conservative As Latin American colonies gained their independence, they ended social distinction and abolished slavery; however, they continued to form a powerful and conservative upper class.
  • We have our freedom!
  • Where is ours?
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