Updated: 3/19/2020

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  • Thank you to superman Rabbi Israel Meir Kagan, author of the Mishna Brurah, who solved all 5 of these people's problems befor/during Chol Hamoed!!.... If it weren't for the clarifications and rules in the Mishna Burah all of these people would not be able to properly prepare for the chag!!
  • So why don't you just buy it now if it's at such an amazing deal? It will probably never be this cheap again!!
  • That's not true! The Mishna Brurah actually says that you are allowed to buy something that could be lost if you don't get it right away!!!
  • The Clothing Boutique
  • OMG! Ive been wanting that red skirt forever, but I never got it because it was way too expensive. But look, its finally 80% off, i really wish i could buy it
  • But it's Chol hamoed - I can't buy something new that I know I won't wear for the holiday!
  • Hi. Chag Samaech! What are you up too?
  • Grand and Essex Market
  • Well technically it is Melacha, but the Mishna Brurah states that you are allowed to buy anything you need for the Yom Tov itself!
  • Chag Sameach! just shopping!
  • Thank Gd for the Mishna Brurah because if there wouldn't have been a clarification that allowed poeple to work on Chol Hamoed of a Yom tov, i don't know what I would have done. Because if not I don't think I would have had enough money to buy food to eat or make a meal for the chag!!
  • Do not Pass!
  • Oh no the main rodes to the shul are broken..what are we going to do!
  • Oh no!
  • Caution - Road broken ahead
  • Everyone RELAX! According to the Mishna Burah if there is something that the community needs fixed, like a broken road, we are allowed to fix it right away!!
  • BH!! now we can still go to shul
  • I think I might cry!
  • Do not Pass!
  • It was getting so dark in here, good thing according to the Mishan Brurah turning on a light switch which involves no craftsmanship/ doesn't have to be done professionally is permitted!