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Updated: 5/22/2020
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  • Atalanta was raised by a she-bear in the woods because her father had abandoned her.
  • Ugh, I wish I had gotten a boy instead of a girl.
  • I think that I will raise you as my own, little one.
  • Eeye!
  • Wait! Let me bring you home and teach you how to act like a human. Then, with your fleetness of foot, you can go to the athletic games and win all of them.
  • Atalanta was captured and brought home by a huntsman who also taught her how to act like a human and even brought her to the athletic games, which she won all of the races.
  • What? I have never met you in my life and I will only marry someone who beats me in a running race. If they fail, they loose their life.
  • Ah yes, come my amazing daughter, come into my castle with me. Soon, we shall be discussing who you will marry.
  • Atalanta did NOT want to marry anybody, but her real father said that she had to, so Atalanta made a deal with him.
  • Melanion, a clever prince, had asked Aphrodite for help to win the race so that he could marry Atalanta, so she gave him 3 golden apples to use during the race to distract Atalanta. When Melanion won, they got married.
  • Mhm! Thank you!
  • Aww, of course! I love to see love!
  • We thank you Aphrodite!
  • Atalanta and Melanion hunted together and never forgot to honor Aphrodite, but they did not honor Zeus properly so he became angry.
  • Grr, what about me?! They do not pay the proper respects to me, king of the gods!
  • I now turn you and Melanion into lions because you do not honor me properly! Let this teach you a lesson.
  • Because Atalanta and Melanion did not honor Zeus properly, he turned them into Lions as punishment.
  • We understand and are truly sorry Zeus, king of the gods.
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