Unknown Story
Updated: 9/9/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hey sis, I was just getting a snack! Want some?
  • Nah, I'll have some fruit instead, thanks though. Want to go upstairs?
  • Are you going to be okay? Should we swim to get some energy out?
  • WOW! I feel so alive
  • Yahoo!
  • This is so fun!
  • One hour later...
  • Pinky was sitting eating a snack of chips, a cookie, and candy when her sister Blu came in a got an orange to fill her up.
  • Meanwhile, inside..
  • The two went upstairs and Pinky was jumping uncontrollably while Blu sat and laughed. So, they decided to swim.
  • Hi Pinky! I'm Carbettte, you know, next time you should eat something with complex carbs...
  • As the two got outside, they both had energy to let out.
  • Actually, you know we should eat something more, complex...
  • Hey, do we have any more chips, swimming made me HUNGRY!
  • An hour later, Blu was the only one outside anymore, while Pinky went inside to take a nap because she was so tired!
  • As Pinky slept, she had a dream of a little woman named Carbette who explained to her that complex carbs, like what her sister ate, gave her more energy, and that next time she should make better choices.
  • As Blu finished swimming, PInky explains to her that they should eat something with more complex carbs, and tells Blu about her dream. The two end up eating a sandwich and fruit and have energy until nighttime.