Frankenstein Background Information
Updated: 11/5/2020
Frankenstein Background Information

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Ap Lit 2020

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  • Context and history of Frankenstein
  • a) Shelley's Bio-Born on August 30, 1797 in London, England.-Her mother was the author of 'The Vindiction of the Rights of Women.' She was a very strong feminist-Her real mother died shortly after her birth and she later got a stepmother who did not like Mary. She sent her biological kids to get education but thought Mary shouldn't get it too. However, she did make good use of her father's library.-She met her husband in Scotland, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and they fled to England when she was just a teen. While this happened he was still married.-They tried to have kids but three of them did not survive. Only one lived into adulthood by the name of Percy Florence (born 1819)-She began writing Frankenstein when she and her friends began to read scary stories on rainy days. -Her husband died after a sailing accident in 1822.-She later died from brain cancer February 1, 1851 in England. She was 53 when she passed.
  • c) Romantic & Victorian eras historical context, attitudes, & values.-The Romantic period was between 1770's to the 1830's. The Victorian era was the time of Queen Victoria's reign lasting from 1837 to 1901.-During the 18th century, calculus & mechanics influenced thinking.-Ideas of democracy arose credited to John Locke, Thomas Hobbes & some others.-Science became political and many people were skeptical or deeply interested in it.-scientific journals emerged of London's 'Philosophical Transactions' and Paris's 'Memories' and became best sellers.
  • E2) Medicine in Victorian era-Methods for curing included mercury, arsenic, iron & phosphorus along with recommending fresh air. The worst of methods included vomiting, using laxatives, bleeding & leeches.-Around the industrial revolution (1710) hospitals, x-rays & many more advances that came along.-People moved from the country into the city for new jobs but the over crowding caused the spread of more diseases. Epidemics occurred caused by small pox, typhus & tuberculosis -Science began to be a force that lead doctors to better ways of curing disease.-Writer and lecturer John Brown discovered that there were strong and weak diseases and he concluded that remedies should include opium nd alcohol.-Samuel Hahnemann originated homeopathy, administering on hour doses in order to medicate and get rid of the diseases.
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