Unknown Story

Updated: 9/8/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Peris, I came to see you because I couldn't stand not seeing you for this long,
  • You have to leave Tally! I want to see you pretty, so DON'T GET CAUGHT! If you pull the fire alarm you can use a bungee jaket to escape.
  • My name is Shay, hide here. Your escape from New Pretty Town was incredible! We should be friends.
  • Tally, I am running away to the Smoke, I will never come back so here is cryptic instructions if you ever want to join me. Goodbye.
  • Tally Youngblood, Shay is missing take this pendant and press it when you get to the Smoke, it is for her own safety. If you do not you will never get the pretty operation!
  • I will do it! I Shay need to be safe, and I need to become pretty!
  • TALLY! I thought you weren't coming! This is David. Let's get to work on the railroads.
  • Tally! You threw your pendant into the fire! What about the one whom gave it to you?
  • I love you, and besides I don't think he is coming.