Kaysharn's English Assesment
Updated: 11/16/2020
Kaysharn's English Assesment

Storyboard Text

  • One day Lilly went to her Nan's house for her Aunties 21 birthday and Lilly got something from the Nan.
  • Hello Mum.
  • Oh hello everyone.
  • Hi Nan
  • Hello Nan
  • Mum we are going to get ready.
  • GIRLS!
  • Come inside Lilly I have something to show you
  • something her did not like.
  • Is it a cat,a dog or new cloths.
  • Oh okay Nan.
  • It's a dress.Go try it on.
  • That dress looks ugly.
  • She got a dress that she did not like so she put the dress in the bin and...
  • This dress looks ugly how am i going to tell Nan?
  • I no.
  • Thanks Nan
  • She said to her Nan...
  • Nan I don't like the dress it's in the bin. I'm sorry I already got one.
  • I'm sorry Nan I lost the dress.
  • Oh okay Lilly as long as you are happy. So put your dress on.
  • That's okay Lilly i will got another dress for you
  • When Lilly finished telling her Nan she put on the dress.
  • That is okay Lilly as long as you are happy.
  • You look lovely in that dress Lilly.
  • I am sorry Nan i just didn't want to upset you.
  • Wow I like this dress.