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Updated: 6/30/2020
Unknown Story

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  • So you said you needed help with your homework?Well here it is
  • These are ribosome, these build protein, there are thousands in a cell
  • This is a mitochondrian, it's the power house of the cell, it make the energy
  • I need help with this Cell study!
  • I am what the Animals are made of, theres bunch of other stuff in me like organelles. I am a eukaryotic cell enclosed with plasma membrane.
  • I understand more now but that's not enough!
  • Let's talk about my organnelles.
  • These are Lysosome, they break down the molecules that are too big.
  • This is a vacuale. A membrane enclosed sac that keeps what needs to be kept seperate.
  • Centrosome are where microtubules are made.
  • Here is the cell membrane, it decides what goes in and out of the cell
  • All of this blank part is cytoplasm, it's a Slimy liquid that a cell is filled with
  • Here is my nucleus, it controls everything. Inside it is another organelle, the nuclelous. It's where ribsomal RNA is produced.
  • This is the nucleur membrane, it's like a wall that protects nucleus.
  • Thanks! I will complete my homework now!
  • Bye
  • Bye!