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Brexit Story Board
Updated: 10/14/2019
Brexit Story Board
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This Is About Brexit

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1 Shot 1 - 0-20s
  • Brexit is a combination of britain and exit, Should we leave?
  • Whats Brexit?
  • Scene 2 shot 1 - 21-40s
  • The EU is a union that consists of 28 counties, in the EU countries can fair or free trade and citisans can live in there countries
  • Brexit
  • Big News
  • What Is the EU?
  • For anyone who doesnt know what brexit it is, it is about Britain leaving the EU
  • Scene 3 shot 1 - 41-60s
  • Hiya Timmy
  • Timmy Checks his phone When a News Notification Pops up It Tells Him About Brexit - It Says Brexit Means Britain And exit It Also Says Should we leave? - Medium Shot
  • Scene 4 Shot 1 - 61-80s
  • Did you not Know we all voted to leave the EU?
  • What do you guys think about this shirt?
  • Timmy Starts to read about brexit, he doesn't understand it but it helps him - Close up
  • Scene 5 shot 1 - 81-100s
  • we joined the EU and that it would cost us 33 Billion to leave, this is called the divorce bill
  • Timmy Looks up to see his friends, hes gonna ask them about brexit - Wide Long Shot
  • Scene 6 shot 1 - 101-120s
  • Todays The 28th
  • Were leaving on the 29th Of Octobber
  • Timmy and Ron (Timmy's Friend) are talking about the public vote that occurred in 2016, everyone over 18 were allowed to vote - Long Shot
  • No When Did This Happen?
  • Timmy and Ron Are walking back from the clothes shop, Joe had left and they continue to talk about brexit, He Also mentions That We were supposed Leave on the 29 of march - Wide Shot
  • Ron explains that were going to leave the EU on the 29 Of October And to get a new deal, Tim understands a Lot more of Brexit Than before and Goes Home - Medium Shot
  • So Tomorrow we will have a new trade agreement
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