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Cluedo 3
Updated: 3/2/2020
Cluedo 3
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Storyboard Description

Parts 1&2 on my acoount

Storyboard Text

  • Disruption- Lucy is attacked
  • Realisation- The Police arrive and Peter talks to them
  • Realisation- Peter finds a dead Lucy
  • In the conservatory Lucy is attacked by a mysterious figure. Over the shoulder shot on Lucy as he approaches from behind. He covers her mouth distorting her speech Camera turns into a Close Up on her face
  • Restoration- Peter goes to find others to help
  • After a noise complaint the police arrive.Mid Shots of Peter and Sophie are talking to them. Sophie flirts with the policeman and then instructs Peter to go to find Lucy.
  • Restoration- The others come in and Brodie hides a knife
  • Panning Shot on Peter starting at the ground as Peter enters the conservatory and finds Lucy lying in a pool of blood. He has a shocked expression
  • New Equilibrium- The teens realise they have to figure out what happened to Lucy
  • Peter enters the living room distressed. The camera follows him in a Dutch Angle as he runs around panting with sweat dripping down his face. He takes Brodie,Connor,Sarah and Sophie in the conservatory. camera turns to a Mid Shot once he calms down.
  • All of the characters enter the room and start to panic. The camera rotates around the characters as they realise she is dead.Key Mid Shot on Brodie as he conceals the bloody knife, and when Sarah and Connor conceal Lucy's body
  • Mid Shot on the teens all start to blame each other and don't trust each other, but Peter stops them and reminds them to join together to help solve who killed Lucy White? Episode finishes with a blackout and the sound of police sirens
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