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keara peace. period 3
Updated: 3/27/2020
keara peace. period 3
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  • Tensions are rising
  • Texas V.S United States
  • Texas rebels
  • 1833
  • please reopen Texas to immigration
  • No, you are promoting rebillion
  • I sent Stephen to jail for promoting rebellion
  • The Alamo
  • Basically the Americans had many complaints about the government, where the documents were, how they didn’t want to learn Spanish, and how Mexico outlawed slavery. The Tejanos had complaints to such as they were unhappy Americans were settlers had come to Texas without Mexico's permission Americans also showed no respect and didn’t want to be citizens so Mexicans closed the texas border to US’ immigration. 
  • Texas gets independence
  • how far out are they i am so tired
  • we all are but we cant give up
  • in 1833 Stephen F. Austin traveled to Mexico to ask the Mexican government to reopen texas to immigration Santa Anna was a power-hungry dictator and sent Stephen to jail for promoting rebellion then after he got out in 1835 Santa Anna marched north with some 6,000 troops in revolt.
  • recall the Alamo
  • We have to flee
  • Santa Anna
  • Basically for 12 days the Mexican pounded the Texans with cannonballs. The battle ragged for 90 minutes and then it was all over. every one of the Alamo's defenders was dead and those who had survived the battle were executed on the spot by Santa Anna.
  • To Annex Texas or Not?
  • finally we are independent
  • we are going to name you the lone start republic
  • As Santa Anna pushed on, Houston could only push farther back into texas to make it harder for Santa Anna to provide for the troops and weaken their readiness for battle. Houston’s strategy was unpopular which worked in his advantage because as Santa Anna caught up with them he was expecting an attack so keep his troops up all night but soon realized no attack was going to happen so he went to his tent to rest as his troops all relaxed.
  • if we head further out his troops will be unhealthy and tired
  • this is a great strategy
  • and then maybe we can attack easier
  • Late in the afternoon Houston’s troops staged a surprise attack yelling “remember the Alamo.” The Texans overran the Mexican camps which made Santa Anna flea with his troops. He was soon captured this next day however and for his freedom, he had to order the remaining troops out of Texas. The Texas war for independence was won but Mexico was not happy with the loss of its territory
  • remember the Alamo !!!!!
  • remember the Alamo!!!!!!!
  • Now that Texas is independent they got the nickname the lone star republic. Most Texans were Americans who wanted Texas to become part of the united states. Texas remained independent for 10 years. The 1844 presidential campaign was influenced by the question of whether to expand the US’. territory. . After Polk was elected, Congress voted to annex Texas. In 1845, Texas was admitted as the 28th state.
  • we are making Texas the 28th
  • texas will be independent for 10 years
  • 1845
  • Polk for president
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