Updated: 11/26/2020

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This is my commercial Mrs. Amor.

Storyboard Text

  • A friend of mine is an entrepreneur. It is his dealership im going to, its called Fresh Motors.
  • Hey Sara, im going to this Free market car dealership to get a new car.
  • I heard of that place. It's has high quality cars, like Houndas and Toyotas for great prices.
  • People who buys cars from there knows what their doing.
  • Morning Keegan, where are you going?
  • Hey by the way what is Free Market?
  • An economy where decisions are made by individuals like entreprenuers that are based on exchange, or trade much like america.
  • Entreprenuers are ambitous people who decide how to combine capital to create new goods and services to meet consumer needs and wants.
  • These factors decide the flow of a Market Economy.
  • How do Free Market and Entreprenuers relate to your friend's car dealership?
  • My friend is an entreprenuer, he realized that this country has very few car dealership and the people of this region want more cars.
  • Just look at how beautiful these cars are.
  • So he decided to open a dealership of his own. The best part is that his cars have lower prices then the current dealerships.
  • Awesome!!!!!!
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