Updated: 2/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • no father I will enevge you and may you rest in pice.
  • even though there army is bigger we shail beat them
  • me and my army have conqured you so I shall be your king.
  • Alexanders dad has died and now he was crowned king
  • alast we have conqured the whole persion empire.
  • I say we attack india next.
  • Alexander attacked the persion army even thought there amy was bigger and came out victorous in the end
  • My king we are all tired and want to see are familys please take us home
  • Alexander took over egypt with out a fight egypt surrenderd and alexander took over as there king
  • alexander and his army have conqured the whole persion empire
  • Alexander had plans to take over india but all his solders where tired and wanted to see there familys