Ela Homework
Updated: 5/16/2020
Ela Homework
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  • Family Responsibilities Act 1, Scene 3
  • Why do I have to like you ?
  • Pop. Why don't you like me ?
  • Family Responsibilities Act 1, Scene 39
  • everything that boy do . . . he do for you. He wants you to say "Good job, son." thats all.
  • Rose, I ain't got time for that. He's alive. He's healthy. He's got to make his own way. I made mine. Ain't nobody gonna hold his hand when he get out there in the world.
  • Family Responsibilities Act 1, scene 18
  • Boy , your mama did a hell of a job raising you.
  • you can't change me, Pop. I'm thirty-four years old. If you wanted to change me, you should have been there when I was growing up.
  • In this scene we see Corey and Troy. Cory believes that Troy doesn't like him because he does not show any emotion toward his son. The way a father should. This connects to the concept of family responsibility because it shows that Troy does not show proper emotions toward his family. Troy is not living up to his family responsibilities because he makes his son feel unloved.
  • In this scene we see Troy and Rose. Rose wants Troy to acknowledge and show their young adolescence son that his father cares for him, as a father should. Troy feels doing so would be a burden upon him. This ties back to family responsibilities because Troy is neglecting the responsibilities of nurturing his and guiding him through the real world. Instead Troy thinks that his son should figure it all out by himself.
  • During this scene we see Lyon and Troy. Troy brings up how Lyon's mom raised him in a "hell" of a way as a way to discredit her. This angers Lyon and triggers him to bring up how he was not there to raise him. This depicts a lack of family responsibilities because Troy abandoned his family and went off.
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