A Tour of a City!
Updated: 9/10/2020
A Tour of a City!

Storyboard Text

  • 1) Come on, this way! On the other side of the island is the "Statue of Liberty".
  • 2) This is so cool!
  • 3) Are you kidding? The walk is so far! I am definitely talking to your manager!
  • 4) It is not that bad of a walk.
  • Performing 2: They arrived at the Statue of Liberty island. Karen complains again! The kids think the tour is cool!
  • Performing 3: Karen, says once again that she is going to report the tour guide, Keith, to his manager. The kids are sad that the tour is over. The teacher,David, is really annoyed with Karen.
  • 1) Awww! I am so sad the tour is almost over!
  • 2) I know! Me too!
  • 4) Karen seriously stop! Enough is enough!
  • 3) Finally! When I get off this boat, I am reporting you to your manager!
  • 6) Let's all try to be civil here, at least until the end of the tour.
  • 5) Hey! Don't talk to my wife like that!
  • Adjourning 1: The group says goodbye to each other. Karen is happy that the tour is over. The teacher, David, is seriously tired of Karen's comments.
  • 4) That was so much fun!
  • 5) Yeah! It was!
  • 7) Karen! I am seriously tired of your comments!
  • 1) Thank you everyone! Come back again!
  • 2) Thank you! This was a good tour!
  • 3) Bobby! Do not say "Thank you!" It is not necessary!
  • 6) Finally! The tour is over!
  • The End!