Nutrition Chapter 1 Storyboard

Updated: 1/10/2019
Nutrition Chapter 1 Storyboard

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  • I am so glad I have many food options available to me, it's so nice to not always eat the same thing!
  • I like having a variety of options, but it's sometimes hard to make decisions about what I want, but the Decision-Making Process sure helps me! 
  • The decision-making process is a great tool!
  • One of the biggest benefits of the decision-making process is that it helps me identify what my body needs, that way I can decide what food would best meet my physical needs.
  • Food meeting your physical needs? Like relieving hunger?
  • Yes, exactly like relieving hunger. Not only does it relieve hunger but it also improves wellness also.
  • What affects people decisions about food?
  • Many things affect food choices like psychological factors, social influences, and cultural influences.
  • Psychological factors? What is that?
  • Psychological factors affect wy you eat and what you eat, they are basically your feelings and thoughts with foods you choose.
  • Oh I understand, my psychological factors are telling me to eat this burger!
  • Let's dig in!