science assessment #1
Updated: 6/4/2020
science assessment #1
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  • Have you ever wondered what the process of the digestive system is like?
  • Its starts off with you picking up a fork and putting the food your mouth, you starting to chew and salivate which makes the food inside wet and mooshy.
  • The food you have just been chewing, goes down the esophagus, the esophagus is a long tube that leads your food to the stomach.
  • Miss, but what happens after that?
  • When the food is mid way down to the somatch, muscules inside the throat help push the food down quicker.
  • After the food enters the stomach, stomach muscles mix with the food and liquid with digestive juices. The stomach slowly empties, its contents, called 'chyme', into your small intestines.
  • The small intestine absorbs most of the nutrients in your food, and your circulatory system passes them on to other parts of your body to store or use.
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