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Biology Carbon Dioxide.
Updated: 10/15/2020
Biology Carbon Dioxide.
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  • ATMOSPHERE Carbon dioxide is made in the atmosphere (0.04%). The next place it would go is down to earth to our living plants. Adds carbon dioxide
  • THE SURFACE OCEAN the ocean's carbon dioxide absorbs the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, takes 90 gigatons of carbon each year. May go to the deep ocean next.
  • THE DEEP OCEAN.. Carbon dioxide comes from the circulation and the surface ocean. Where it might go next is nowhere because when carbon dioxide gets to the deep ocean it stay for a couple hundred years.My guess if it stay there for a couple hundred years it takes carbon dioxide
  • LAND PLANTS.. The Sun's makes the nutritions the plants need which makes carbon dioxide come down to help grow faster but releases carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.
  • MARINE LIFE Takes the carbon dioxide and makes nutritions. Marine life can't live without carbon dioxide. High level of carbon dioxide can lav thm to be harmed. Would go to either surface or deep ocean. Don't think it goes anywhere because it cant live without it.
  • SOILGets the carbon from earth's carbon air. Then next place would be right there because it stores it. It takes 3% of carbon dioxide
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