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Updated: 4/23/2020
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  • "What if I told you I could get you to fall in love with me scientifically" (pg. 86)
  • "Don't fall in love with me Daniel" (pg. 84)
  • "It's not up to you to help other people fit you in a box" (pg. 158)
  • "...koi no yokan. It doesnt mean love at first sight. Its the feeling when you meet someone that youre going to fall in love with..." (pg. 74)
  • "People just want to believe. Otherwise they would have to admit that life is just a series of good and bad things..." (pg. 77)
  • "I'm one of the best immigration lawyers in this city" (pg. 230)
  • #1 dad
  • "Love always changes everything" (pg 268)
  • Natasha Kingsley meets Daniel Bae the day before she was about to be deported. He is going to a college interview and she was on her way to see a lawyer. Daniel believes they fell in love, but Natasha doesn't believe in love at first sight.
  • The main idea of the plot is that Natasha knows she is going to be deported soon and doesn't want to fall in love in with Daniel because she knows he will be heart broken. Daniel still doesn't know she's leaving so he continues trying to make her fall in love with him.
  • When Natasha goes to speak with her lawyer he then tells her that stopping the deportation was out of his control because he missed the court appointment.
  • Natasha!?
  • Daniel, Daniel
  • Natasha waits to get on the train with her family so it could take them to the airport and return them back home to Jamaica. Meanwhile as she is waiting Daniel was chasing after her so he could say his final goodbye.
  • Daniel makes it to her before she leaves and says goodbye to Natasha one last time until they see shall see each other again. As her plane takes off he watches the sky reminiscing all their memories they made in such a little amount of time.
  • Daniel and Natasha lose touch with one another. Ten years later Daniel realizes that Natasha is sitting one seat behind him on an airplane. He recognized her immediately and they begin to catch up. Even after all this lost time the chemistry was still there.
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