Elements, Compounds and Molecules Storyboard-Hinny Lin-1E
Updated: 6/19/2020
Elements, Compounds and Molecules Storyboard-Hinny Lin-1E
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Storyboard Text

  • *yawn*
  • Good morning boys and girls! Today we will learn about elements, compounds, and molecules.
  • boring...
  • *yawn*
  • Wow, tough crowd. Don't worry it's actually a very interesting topic.
  • yeah right...
  • hungry...
  • same.
  • An element is made up of a single atom. An example is Potassium.
  • Where the heck did she get that???
  • thirsty...
  • A compound is a pure substance composed of two or more different elements. An example of this is H2O (water).
  • same.
  • What the..she did it again. Witch!
  • brr, cold...
  • A molecule is a group of 2 or more atoms held together by chemical bonds. An example of an element molecule is Oxygen(O2). An example of a compound molecule is Water(H2O).
  • same.
  • Bruh! How in the world she making wind. Is she the Avatar?!
  • *yawn*tired...
  • In conclusion, elements, compounds, and molecules aren't the same thing. Now wasn't that interesting? Any questions?
  • same.
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