Boston Massacre
Updated: 10/23/2020
Boston Massacre

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  • Lobster back
  • The Bostonians were known as the worst troublemakers in the colonies. The Bostonians hated the British soldiers and would call them names such as "lobsterbacks" and Sam Adams even taught his dog to bite them.
  • A mob broke out and started throwing rocks at the British soldiers on March 5, 1770.
  • Boston Massacre 
  • Boston Massacre 
  • One person pushed one of the soldiers to the ground which struck panic to the soldiers and they opened fire upon the people.
  • 5 people were killed in which is now called the Boston Massacre. The mob only agreed to leave after they were promised that the soldiers would be trailed for murder.
  • The word spread and the Patriots saw this as proof that the troops should be taken out of the colonies but, the Loyalists saw this as proof that they needed the troops now more than ever.
  • At the murder trail, John Adams represented the British Soldiers, he argued that the soldiers were only acting in self defense. The jury found that six of the soldiers were innocent and that the other two were guilty of manslaughter.
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