Updated: 2/4/2019

Storyboard Description

Jake's brother didn't eat salad, so he fermented.

Storyboard Text

  • There once was a boy named Jake. He was very picky about his food. Jake had a cold. Jake's brother also had a cold. His mom was telling him to eat fruits and vegetables to get better! Unfortunately, Jake HATES vegetables, but loves fruit!
  • After being presented his food, Jake demanded that he had his vegetables cut. His mom understood his frustration and cut up his vegetables into two parts. He then consumed some of the fruit, and felt his health getting better! While Jake was eating his grapes and cutting up his carrots, his brother, Tim, was not eating! Jake watched as his brother didn't get healthy! Instead, because he didn't eat his salad, he got tired!
  • Jake ignored this and decided to continue eating his salad. He still hated his vegetables. He cut up his vegetables again! He wanted to make them small so he could eat them easier. He went back to eating his fruit. He was feeling healthier again! He loved his fruit so much! So much so, that he got more! He decided to go get some strawberries.
  • Jake was about to continue eating his food, but then he saw his vegetables again. He looked at them with disgust. He decided to just get rid of them when his mom wasn't looking. Instead, he got even more grapes than he already had! When he got back, he went to go tell his brother, but his brother died!
  • Jake ignored this. He deserved it! Jake ate up all his fruits and loved it. His mom went to go get something. When she came back, she had a smothie. Supposedly, Jake's stomach acids would mix with the smoothy and make him healthy!
  • Drink this and you will get healthy! This will multiply all the good things you ate!
  • Later that day, after all the things Jake ate, he went to the bathroom! He