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Health Project
Updated: 5/5/2020
Health Project
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  • You just got done with playing soccer and you are very hungry because you just got done playing soccer and burned off a lot of calories.
  • When you ingest the food it first travles to your stomach and it helps you digest the proteins found within the food. Then it travels through your small intestine where it absorbs simple sugars that are used to produce energy which is used over time. The sugars are turned into energy with Insulin that is created by the Pancreas.
  • The stomach benefited the body in drawing proteins from the food you eat which benefits you by helping you build muscle and become stronger. The Pancreas helps by making energy otherwise you wouldn’t be able to consistently do the activities you like to do.
  • With the energy, the Thyroid controls how your energy is used over time and another name for it is your metabolism. Then as the energy is distributed all around the body it supplies it an energy that replenishes you and allows you to do the activities you like to do again like soccer or running etc.
  • The thyroid benefits you by controlling the energy you use and how quickly you use it so you aren’t ever completely depleted. The small intestine digests food and absorbs sugars and with the help of the Pancreas, it turns the sugars into energy that can be used.
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