Songhai Storyboard

Updated: 10/6/2021
Songhai Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • <-- Timbuktu
  • Go up the stairs and through the building then you should find the large trade market of Timbuktu!
  • Where should I go to trade my gold?
  • Spices! Trade for Spices!
  • GOLD! Get your Gold!
  • A Songhai civilian is heading to Timbuktu to trade his gold for other products. He stops for the night to rest at an oasis and will make it to Timbuktu tomorrow.
  • Hmm I need to find something to benefit my farm. I need workers because it is very large.
  • He makes it to Timbuktu and asks for help finding the trade center. People from all empires walk the streets.
  • Hello, I am looking for some people to work on my farm. I have gold to trade
  • These here are my finest workers. To purchase they will be 10 gold coins.
  • In the trade center, he walks searching for a product he is interested in buying.
  • He thinks about his options to purchase and what would best suit his needs. He decides he needs workers for his farm.
  • He finds workers and bargains with the trader for a lower amount of gold. After purchasing they plan to leave Timbuktu.
  • They walk through the Saharan Desert back to his home farm. Bye, bye Timbuktu.