History - Susanna Madora Salter (Women in the West)

Updated: 3/29/2021
History - Susanna Madora Salter (Women in the West)

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  • Hopefully this brings us more freedoms and rights.
  • Susanna
  • Vote Against Liquor!
  • Women...
  • Born March 2, 1860, in Belmont County, Ohio, Susanna Madora Kinsey moved to a Kansas farm with her parents in 1872.
  • OMG!
  • What?!
  • Susanna Madora Salter has won with two-thirds of the votes!
  • It was just supposed to be a joke.
  • Eight years later, while attending the Kansas State Agricultural College, she met and married Lewis Salter.
  • In the fall of 1887 she was invited to speak at the Women's Suffrage Association's state convention.
  • The couple soon moved to Argonia where she cared for their young children and became an officer in the local Woman's Christian Temperance Union.
  • Nominated on the Prohibition Party ticket by several Argonia men as a joke, Salter surprised the group and received two-thirds of the votes.
  • She was elected in April 4, 1887, just weeks after Kansas women had gained the right to vote in city elections. The 27-year-old woman knew more about politics than her detractors realized.
  • Susanna Madora Salter was elected the first woman mayor in the United States, and she performed her job very well. She was not afraid to step up and take her position as mayor of the town even when there was opposition and ridicule about petticoat rule. She died in 1961 at the age of 101.