Islamic achievements
Updated: 2/26/2021
Islamic achievements

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  • Class, this is Aadab! She is going to tell us more about Islamic achievements.
  • Hi, I am going to tell you all the wonderful things about my religion.
  • “A Book of Verses underneath the Bough, A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread—and Thou, Beside me singing in the Wilderness—Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow.”
  • We had a wonderful Poet named Omar Khayyám who made wonderful books with feeling and emotion.
  • Omar Khayyám, can you read me a verse from your book?
  • Poems are not the only Muslim art form. Muslims made beautiful architecture called mosques. Its where they worship their one god Allah.
  • Muslims used science to improve Astronomy and medicine. Studying the stars is called Astronomy. Astronomy can help you learn more about geography. Muslim scientists improved the astrolabe, which the Greeks invented to chart the position of the stars. Arab scholars used the astrolabe to figure out their location on the earth.
  • The stars will teach us what time it is.
  • That's amazing! It can also help us make maps.
  • Muslim doctors and scientist studied greek philosophy. Some Muslims started their own philosophy that led to sufism. People who practice Sufism are called Sufis. They focus on loving God and call him their Beloved. Sufism had a strong impact on Islam. Sufis celebrated their love of God through music and dance. These dancers whirl in circles as they dance with joy.
  • What did everyone learned today?
  • I learned that Muslims used science to improve their knowledge on Astronomy
  • I learned that Muslims made art forms through literature and architecture.
  • Wonderful it looks like my job here is done.
  • I learned that Muslims made their own philosophy.