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Chp 20 Trial Rhetoric
Updated: 4/23/2020
Chp 20 Trial Rhetoric
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  • The trail of Tom Robinson
  • Atticus questions Mayella
  • I don't hafta take his sass, I ain't called upon to take it!
  • Ma'am?...
  • Atticus questions Mayella cont.
  • Did the defendant hit you?
  • Huh? Yes he hit-I just don't remember, I just don't remember...
  • The day of Tom Robinson's trial has arrived. The Ewell family is obviously upset and Tom is also upset because of the false accusations against him.
  • Atticus builds Tom's credibility
  • No suh, Mr. Finch, I never did. I wouldn't do that, suh.
  • Mayella yells at Atticus for his polite words. She channels pathos to stir the jurors to feel something for her. She plays the victim very well.
  • Atticus explains the weak evidence
  • pg 207
  • The state has not produced one iota of evidence linking Tom Robinson to the crime.
  • pg 211
  • Atticus relies on Mayella's weak story to discredit her using logos. The crowd didn't seem to be swayed by her faulty testimony, the town has more or less lost faith in Atticus's experience.
  • Atticus's closing remark
  • Atticus demonstrates how honest and sincere Tom is being. He even brings up his past criminal record to show Tom's transparency. Atticus uses both pathos and logos during his questioning of Tom. He believed that by making Tom appear more human would help his outcome.
  • Did you ever go on the Ewell property without permission?
  • pg 219
  • pg 232
  • Atticus now uses logical appeals against the Ewells. He notes how a majority of the evidence is circumstantial and faulty at best. He hopes to sway the crowd by showing them this.
  • The defendant is not guilty.
  • pg 234
  • His closing words serve as a call to action. He uses strong pathos to persuade the jurors to try to overcome their own personal bias in order to do their duty properly. Maycomb is full of religious people, so Atticus using God as a reason to find Tom not guilty should be convincing.
  • Restore the defendant to his family. In the name of God, do your duty.
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