Road to Revolution

Road to Revolution

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  • The French and Indian War 1754-1763
  • This is French and Indian land! Get yo crusty butts outta here.
  • Yo! Whatchu guys doin here?
  • As if! I am George Washington! This is our land and we will win it from you if we have to!
  • P.S. We win.
  • The Sugar Act of 1764
  • The heck....
  • Yo what's poppin! Look we kinda broke right now.
  • Ye and we gotta tax you guys so we kinda get our wealth back.
  • The Stamp Act of 1765 and the Stamp Act Congress
  • We are the Sons of Liberty and England is trippin. Why can't they just be normal?
  • They must be crazy if they are going to put tax on a REQUIRED stamp!
  • At the least they could've made it more aesthetically pleasing!
  • When the British and French collided in the Ohio River Valley, a war began. At first, the British were losing by a lot, but at the end, the British take victory.
  • Townshend Acts- 1767
  • Yo what up scrubs. Since y'all were picky bout a simple stamp, we gon tax you guys on items y'all actually need.
  • For freak sake, someone do something bout these scrawny peasants
  • As the French and Indian War comes to an end, the British take the victory and gain more land. There was a problem, however. Winning the war came at a very high price and England was in debt of 140,000,000 Euros. In order to get their life together, they decided to put a tax on molasses. They decided to be more strict with the smuggling; so if smugglers were caught, they would face consequences from the British courts, to the colonial courts, because they were to easy on them.
  • Boston Massacre- March 5, 1770
  • I got u dawg, Ima shoot my gun.
  • British attack on defenseless citizens
  • The best thing is they will never figure out it was exactly us!
  • The British state that on most to all products with paper, a stamp will be required, and it wasn't free. This was displeasing to a lot of people. With this outrage, the Sons of Liberty rise and boycott the stamp. They protest and tell people to not support the stamp and would harass people in charge of the stamps. The Stamp Act Congress is held and it showed how the colonies are actually working together to solve a problem. Later, the Stamp Act was repealed for not making any profit.
  • Tea Act and the Boston Tea Party- 1773
  • Oh my gosh! This is such a great way to show that we are boycotting the thing we love most.
  • After the Stamp Act was repealed, the British state the Declaratory Act, saying they have control over the colonies. They pass the Townshend Acts on fundamental goods that will not be able to be boycotted because it's so essential. The colonists found a solution where the Daughters of Liberty rise, telling people to replace the British goods with homemade goods. This was the beginning of creating their own identity and being something different.
  • lol
  • I swear to god you little..
  • The Boston Massacre is an event that changes and sparks the outrage from the colonists. When colonists are taunting the soldiers, they open fire and kill 5 colonists. Many more were injured. Crispus Attucks is the first to die during the Boston Massacre. This may have not been a massacre, but it certainly had the effect of one. Due to this event, they realize that the British is using violence to solve problems, and it is getting worse and out of control. They are furious at this point. 
  • Yo if you shoot, I'm going in as well.
  • Am I the first one to do die that starts something larger that changes history forever?
  • Due to boycotting, the East India Company, which was in charge of tea was running out of business. Because of this, tax on tea was put on. It was put on the seller, not the buyer. However, this still displeased the colonists. Because they were furious and wanted to boycott, they dressed up as Natives and dumbed 15,000 lbs of tea into the Boston Harbor. This is known as the Boston Tea Party. The amount of tea lost is equivalent to about $4,000,000.
  • P.S. They found out..
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