Time To Get Creative
Updated: 2/10/2021
Time To Get Creative

Storyboard Text

  • Malay Mancatcher
  • Burmese Tiger Pit
  • Ugandan Knife Spring
  • Malay mancatcher is made by laying a dead tree on a living one, with a trigger which when touched sends the dead tree crashing down the person for whom the trap is intended. General Zaroff is still chasing after him. The trap hits him in the shoulder and he goes back to the palace to dress the wound.
  • A Burmese Tiger Pit is a classic trap used in hunting and war. It's a deep pit, lined with sharp spikes at the bottom and covered with some weak material such as branches or a tarp covered in dirt. Zaroff is still chasing him and he sees the trap at the last second and avoids it, but one of his best dog is caught in the trap and killed was by the spikes.
  • Ugandan Knife Spring is to tie sapling to a bigger tree and attach a knife to it. Then set up a tripwire so that when somebody breaks the wire the sapling will be released and kill at someone who activated the trap. Rainsford ties his hunting knife to a young sapling and then uses a wild grapevine to tie back the sapling. This ends up launching the knife towards the body of Ivan, Zaroff's assistant, killing the man.