Unknown Story
Updated: 2/10/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • In the background there is some buildings. The tall one farmers use to put silage in for storage.
  • Infront of the barn is a semi. On the farm you can use a semi for hauling almost everything you can think of.
  • Thins you need to farm
  • Several farmers have cattle these are probably Holstein cows. And in the pen there is a straw bale NOT HAY HAY IS GREEN.
  • nothing is working
  • How do i know if farming is right for me
  • This would be the inside of a barn for animals not epuipment. The door opens into a stall and it has a STRAW bale in front of it.
  • You will need common sense which there is int much of anymore, equipment, land, money, ambition, willpower. And lots more
  • You enjoy working long hours for little pay, working hard, outside, you can use your head, you enjoy working with animals, and operating machinery.