Updated: 5/31/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Good Morning Students.How are you doing this morning
  • Mam I very good today and you.
  • Mam I am fine thank you.
  • In today's class the lesson will be about farm animals. Does anyone know what is farm animal.
  • A farm animal is a Cow.
  • Thinking is Chick one?
  • You are right Kevin a cow is a farm animal.He gives us milk
  • I am a Cow.
  • Mam would a chick be a farm animal.
  • Yes Sky a chick is farm animal.I give examples of some.
  • I am a Chick.
  • Mam so can a horse be one to.
  • I am a duck.
  • That is nice Kevin.
  • These are some farm animals:A ChickA Cow A SheepA Duck A Horse
  • Mam my uncle has a farm with all these animals and more.
  • Students we will be going on a field trip to the farm.
  • I am a Chick.
  • Mam I so excited to go to farm.I cannot wait.
  • I am a duck.
  • I am excited too.Mam which farm are we going too.
  • I am sheep