Health assignment
Updated: 11/23/2019
Health assignment

Storyboard Text

  • She has gorgeous, bond hair, she's skinny and tanned. Why can't I look like that?
  • I'm so fat. why can't I be skinny? I wish I was tanned and had long hair.
  • Only think that you don't look beautiful. If you want to think positively you should not compare yourself to others, remember that looks don't define you, you can do things like meditating to take your mind off it or you can ignore all the negative thoughts that come up in your mind.
  • You shouldn't compare yourself to someone else. Everyone is different. If you want to boost your self esteem you can talk to a friend or adult, do something you are good at to distract yourself, don't worry about what others say or look like and take a risk or face one of your fears.
  • To improve your resilience you can think positive about yourself, don't worry about how you look, worry about your qualities and try and see the positive sides to things rather than the negative.
  • But how can I improve my self confidence?
  • To have self confidence you need to repeat positive affirmations, not be a critic of yourself and do things outside your comfort zone.
  • How can I think positively if I look like this?
  • How can I improve my resilience?
  • You're right, from now on I am only going to see myself as beautiful and I am only going to worry about my qualities and how I treat others.
  • Good, that is how you should perceive yourself.