Vocab 8 Children's Book 2
Updated: 1/31/2020
Vocab 8 Children's Book 2
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  • Kibitz means to help people by giving advice when they don't want it.
  • I don't want your kibitz or your help! I know how to do it!
  • You have to turn the combination three times to open the locker.
  • Noblesse oblige describes how rich people use their money for a good purpose.
  • The noblesse oblige showed their charity by giving money to the local hospital.
  • $4,000,000.00
  • Pecadillo means a tiny problem or imperfection.
  • I love this rug, but the pattern is a peccadillo.
  • Pro rata describes something that is the right amount.
  • The price of my lunch should be pro rata to how much food I get.
  • Realpolitik means rules that are fair for everyone.
  • The realpolitik of the playground must be followed so nobody gets hurt.
  • Wunderbar is a way of describing something that is wonderful or amazing.
  • The best sight at night are the moon and stars, for they have a wunderbar light.
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