Macbeth Act V

Updated: 5/21/2020
Macbeth Act V

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  • When Duncan died...
  • Lady Macbeth's behaviour has been very strange
  • Lady Macbeth was involved in Duncan's death. Her sickness is in the mind, not the body
  • A group of Scottish nobles meet to organised the final battle against Macbeth. they arrange to meet the English army near Birnam Wood.
  • ''I cannot cure Lady Macbeth because her illness of the mind, not the body.''
  • The rebel forces are at Birnham Wood. Malcolm orders each man to cut down a branch and carry it in front of him, to hide the number of soldiers in the army.
  • Macbeth learns of his wifes death and is worried about being victorious
  • "Birnam Wood seems to be moving"