Unknown Story

Updated: 5/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hello there. I am Eddie Cabone and this my beautiful family.My wife Beatrice and niece Catherine.Today is an extraordinary day because my wife's cousins from Italy are coming over although both Catherine and Beatrice are scared about the illegal stay of our guests I'm hoping that they will see the good that we are doing.
  • I know you are Catherine,don't you think I've realised?Honestly it is fine.We have to try our best to make this an enjoyable environment for them.C'mon don't think like that its 10pm they will be here any .
  • Uncle,I have to be honest with you.I'm a little nervous about our cousins illegally staying over because in the laws eyes we are committing a felony.
  • Hi I am Catherine.Your handsome too.
  • Hi, I am Rodopholo,your are extremely beautiful
  • How are you Rodopholo and Marco?
  • So this is what America looks like!!
  • This is the Cabone family.Beatrice's cousins who emigrating from Italy to America  are coming over.
  • Catherine is waiting nervously for their arrival and worries they might be caught but Eddie dismisses her emotions.
  • Beatrice's cousins arrive and it is clear to see that Rodopholo and Catherine are attracted to each other although,Eddie isn't too pleased about this.