Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Amy and Jade had been friends all throughout high school. They decided to go to their first party together. This is where Jade met Adam, a boy from school. Jade fell in love with Adam on first sight.
  • Adam meets Amy at the cafe. Amy too, falls in love with Adam. Jade told Amy about Adam. But Amy asks Adam if they can hang out later that day. Adam agrees not knowing that the two were friends.
  • Amy and Adam meet by a mattress store. Jade just got a job at the mattress store and sees Amy and Adam. Jade felt betrayed by her friend. Now she plans to confront her after school tomorrow.
  • The next day Jade asks Amy to come over for something important. Jade unleashes her rage scolding Amy for trying to steal Adam from her. And a full fight goes down.
  • After the girls are both exhausted. Amy tries to explain that she didn't know that it was the same Adam. As she wasn't given any specific details about him. Jade says sorry for misunderstanding, they hug.
  • Amy agrees to not talk to Adam anymore. She tells him this, and he's fine with it. Jade and Adam go on their first date together, at a restaurant.