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Updated: 3/25/2020
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  • Hello, my name is Maria and today I will come to tell you a story of how 2 young people planned something, that did not turn out as they wanted.
  • On a sunny afternoon Nicole and Jesus were bored, so one of them came up for a walk but Nicole had left homework, but had to deliver it 2 days later, and decided to go out with Jesus
  • Mmmmm I have homework, but hey, it's not for tomorrow, so let's go out.
  • Hey Nicole! What if we go out to the plaza to have a coffee?
  • Oh what a shame, but it's okay, I'll accept your help, so I'll see if I can finish my task.
  • Oh no! apparently they changed the day of delivery of my task, it is for today!
  • Mmmm would it be a good idea to accept your help? I don't want to occupy it all day.
  • But what Nicole did not know was that at that time, while in the cafeteria, an email would arrive that would change the day.
  • Easy Nicole, don't be scared, I will help you and you will see that if you finish it
  • You will see that yes! If we work together, we will finish your task on time.
  • There is no that Nicole! it was also my fault, I told you to go out. It was the least I could do for you
  • This is Nicole! First is the task and then the fun, the good thing that if we manage to finish almost your task.
  • Do not say that! It was my fault for not doing my homework since they marked it, now we both know that first of all it is to do the homework.
  • We are almost done! thank you Jesus without your help I could not have moved fast
  • And this is how 2 young people understood that homework is before fun, and that with perseverance and effort everything can be achieved.
  • FIN
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