Unwind by Neal Schusterman
Updated: 7/20/2018
Unwind by Neal Schusterman
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  • I'll turn them in for what they've done.
  • Here are the other Unwinds; Hayden, Roland, and Mai.
  • Cop: You are all under arrest. Roland: But I helped you?!
  • In this society, parents can donate their child's body between the ages of 13 or 18 to the government as transplants. This process is called unwinding. Connor, a teen due to be unwound, runs away and causes a commotion on a highway. Lev, a teen that believes in unwinding, is taken by Connor into the forest. In the forest, they meet Risa and decide to stick together.
  • They find out the government wants to kill them silently, so they disguise themselves as students and hide in the school. Lev tries turning them in to the cops but then regrets it and pulls the fire alarm. While hiding, Connor and Risa are told by a teacher to go to a shop where they'll be safe and transported to another location. There they meet Sonia, the owner, and other Unwinds on the run. Meanwhile, Lev is traveling across country.
  • How do you feel "Mr.Mullard"?
  • Connor, Risa, and the other Unwinds finally arrive to a place called The Graveyard. An Admiral protects Unwinds there with his five "Goldens". Connor and Roland become enemies. The five Goldens are killed and Connor is asked to find out who did it quietly. Lev reunites with Connor and Risa at the Graveyard. The other kids find out about the Goldens being killed and revolt against the Admiral. Risa, Connor, and Roland take him to the hospital. Roland turns in all of the Unwinds, including himself, and they are taken to a harvest camp to be unwound.
  • After a few weeks at the camp, Roland gets unwound and Connor is next. Lev shows up at the camp but plans to blow the place up with his group of suicide bombers called Clappers. As Connor is on his way to be unwound, the Clappers detonate themselves. Lev decides not to explode and saves Connor and Risa. Lev then gets thrown in jail.
  • Uhh... I have to save Connor!
  • Connor loses an arm and an eye from the explosion, but those are replaced because of the new identity he gets from the nurse. Connor's arm is replaced with Roland's arm and the new identity prevents him from being unwound. Risa is paralayzed from the waist down. She refuses to get new legs since the government can't Unwind disabled teens. Lev escapes unwinding because he was a Clapper, also his actions has people thinking.
  • Lev caused the age of Unwinding to be lowered from 18 to 17. The Admiral has not returned to the Graveyard, but Connor has. Connor plans to reunite the remaining Unwinds and revolt against the government. Risa, who is in a wheelchair now, will help Connor run the Graveyard.
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