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act3 s1-2
Updated: 11/20/2019
act3 s1-2
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  • Tybalt returns.
  • Sad things have happened today but they're only the beginning. More troubles are going to follow.
  • Oh Romeo Romeo, brave Mercutio is dead!
  • Tybalt is alive, and Mercutio is died! Mercutio is waiting for you to join him in death. One of us or both must go with him.
  • You stupid boy, you go with him.
  • Let's fight! We'll see what happens!
  • Here comes the angry Tybalt back again.
  • Romeo runs away.
  • They fight. Romeo kills Tybalt. Tybalt falls down.
  • Tybalt is dead! The townspeople are coming! Run, Romeo!
  • Oh, what have I done!
  • The prince, Lord Montague, Lady Capulet arrive.
  • I can tell you everything. There's Tybalt, the man who killed Mercutio. He's lying there dead. He was killed by young Romeo.
  • Benvolio is a relative of the Montague. He's lying. Romeo killed Tybalt, so he must die too.
  • Who began this terrible fight?
  • Romeo was Mercutio's friend. Tybalt killed Mercutio. His punishment by law is death. So Romeo killed him.
  • Tybalt killed Mercutio. Romeo killed Tybalt. Whose turn is it to die now?
  • Some people pick up Tybalt's body and leave.
  • Take this body away.
  • I'm going to banish Romeo from Verona. Mercutio was my relative. I have lost him because of your stupid fighting
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