Storyboard Pt2
Updated: 3/18/2020
Storyboard Pt2

Storyboard Text

  • Solution #1
  • Solution #2
  • Solution #3
  • AirJack uses a special mobile application that has "Secure" mode that allows the jack to be held in the current position until you use your fingerprint or scan the ID of the compressor
  • What is AirJack?
  • We use a ferritic steel coating that is resistant to rust and our arms are able to hold up to 3 tons
  • 3 Unique Advantages
  • Our arms are fold-able and you are able to carry around in your vehicle anywhere
  • Thank you!
  • Twitter: @AirJackCoInstagram: @AirJackCoYoutube: @AirJackCo
  • Thank you!!
  • AirJack, in a nutshell, is a mini version of those massive lifts you see in your local mechanic shops or even dealerships while using compressed air bags to lift up your vehicle to your desired height for you to be able to do whatever it is you want to your vehicle.
  • Mobile Application: allows you to operate the lift directly from your phone using your Bluetooth function from your mobile device.Compressed Air Tank: you don't have to use the compressed air tank just for the AirJack, you can use it to power your air tools or even fill up air in your tires.Secure Mode: allows your jack to be locked in one position
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