Cartoon: Filtration and Distillation
Updated: 2/13/2021
Cartoon: Filtration and Distillation

Storyboard Description

There is dirty water coming out of the faucets of resides homes because the city has a really bad water filtration problem. So to fix that the main character will be finding out a way to get clean water.

Storyboard Text

  • Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to me. Do you know what is happening with the water and whatnot?
  • Of course man, but what is happening is that the bacteria and other things are contaminating the water and I know that sounds disgusting, but my team and I discussed a way to help
  • Filtration is the process of filtering something. In this case, Bryan and his team are working on a portable water filter so that residents can have clean water to use
  • We have already been process of creating a filter, but now that we have something that needs to be worked on we will try to speed up the process
  • I can not thank any of y´all enough for everything you´ve done for me and the neighborhood
  • After we create then we will have them shipped off and ready to use