Universal Design For Learning

Updated: 7/29/2020
Universal Design For Learning

Storyboard Text

  • Universal Design Learning
  • Not so good, Kim. I've been working hard to engage my students, but my lessons do not seem to be reaching them.
  • Hi Chris! How are you today?
  • UDL vs Differentiation
  • I've tried to differentiate instruction. What is UDL?
  • Have you tried using UDL in planning instruction?
  • UDL and Technology
  • Can I use technology with UDL? How do you use it in your classroom?
  • Of course! Let me show you!
  • Universal design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for removing barriers by anticipating the needs of all students.
  • Multiple Means of Engagement
  • Goal: Explain how infectious diseases effect homeostasis and develop solutions to prevent this disruption
  • Both DI and UDL are frameworks for instruction, but UDL is a framework that guides instructional materials as well as methods.
  • Multiple Means of Representation
  • Good morning! I am Dr. Kirkwood. I am excited for our Skype meeting today....
  • UDL harnesses the power and flexibility of modern technology. Technology provides the flexibility needed to adjust to learner differences.
  • Multiple Means of Action and Expression
  • Tracking the Spread of Viral Gastroenteritis: A Case Study
  • In a unit on homeostasis/infectious disease, students have a choice to assume the role of a:1. Doctor treating a patient with an infectious disease2. Epidemiologist, tracking the spread of an infectious disease3. Biomedical engineer, working on designing a solution to prevent disease
  • Students will have e-texts to aid them in reading and scientific literacy. They will have the opportunity to view animations and videos to learn about how infectious diseases impact the body and spread. Students will have hands-on modeling or virtual labs to simulate their disease. Students will have the opportunity to speak with experts in the field.
  • Students will be provided with calendars and checklists to track their progress and meeting the learning goals.Students will have choice in how they want to present their learning (i.e. presenting a case study, building a model, creating a public health plan)