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Kamljit Gakhar & Arshdeep Brar Jaggi Vasudev &Buddha
Updated: 5/17/2020
Kamljit Gakhar & Arshdeep Brar                           Jaggi Vasudev &Buddha
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Storyboard Description

Kamljit. Gakhar & Arshdeep, Brar Jaggi, Vasudev & Buddha Gautama

Storyboard Text

  • Hi my name is Gautam Buddha, I am a spiritual teacher and a philosopher
  • Hi I am Jaggi Vasudev and I'm a yogi and I teach people about meditation.
  • Jaggi there are individuals who are needing my help with anxiety,stress and depression would you kindly join me with your philosophical approach.
  • My pleasure Im willing to guide and use my spiritual knowledge.
  • Practicing meditation on daily basis will heal you and teach you how to live in present moment which will also help you find your inner peace.
  • I'm financially stable but still, there is no entertainment in my life?
  • How can I stay happy and find my inner peace.
  • People should not be materialistic these things are temporary they can't make you stay happy for a long time. A person just can feel happy by watching the beauty of nature.
  • You need to accept insecurity and commit yourself to the unknown and keep faith with universe to keep yourself relaxed
  • I am upset with my wife I would like her to suffer for the pain she has caused me in my life
  • try to understand simple truth that if you will hurt someone you will hurt yourself instead because anger and jeliousy are poisons
  • I agree with you my friend as I believe everything what is happening around us is to comes from our inner thoughts.
  • Buddhist philosophy explores to open the heart,quiet the mind and become fully present to the therapeutic interaction.
  • The value of philosophy in our daily living is it helps us make deeper decisions and explore inner relevant information to find the logic
  • Our philosophers guide us to live joyful and peaceful life for our inner well being
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