Little Albert Study
Updated: 3/15/2021
Little Albert Study

Storyboard Text

  • Little Albert (Watson and Rayner 1920)They wanted to create a phobia of rats in Albert which he initially had no fear of.
  • They showed Albert the rat and then accompanied it with a loud bang which would startle him. The noise (unconditioned stimulus) created fear which was an unconditioned response.
  • The rat which previously elicited no response (natural stimulus) and the noise (unconditioned stimulus) were paired so the NS became associated with the UCS to make him fear the rat.
  • The rat is now a conditioned stimulus which produces a conditioned response (fear) even when the sound isn't produced.
  • The conditioning was then generalised to similar objects, such as a rabbit as it was furry too.
  • In the end, they had succeeded in creating a phobia in Albert.