Updated: 7/26/2020

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  • On a one bright sunny day, Isaac found two boys chatting happily at their school playground. As a newbie, he wanted to have friends at his new school so he decided to approach them.
  • Hi there, I'm Isaac! I'm from Africa, and we just transferred here. Can I play with you?
  • Hey, African boy! What made you think we'd make friends with someone like you?
  • Can you even afford to buy fancy clothes?
  • Africa? Oh! So that's why you are so dark hahahaha.
  • Isaac felt humiliated after hearing what the boys said. Despite that, he still believed that he could befriends with them and tried to talk to them again but was insulted once again.
  • "We have a good heart." HAHAHAHAHA
  • We may not be as white nor as rich as you guys are but I swear, we have a good heart.
  • Boys, I heard what you said earlier. Remember this, you can't judge someone just because of their physical appearance, their social status in life, or because of where they came from.
  • A teacher came at the scene after hearing what the boys said to the new student.
  • We are all equal in the face of God. Just because you're fairer or richer than that person doesn't mean that you can discriminate them. Respect one another. Do you understand?
  • Yes, Miss. We're so sorry, Miss. Sorry, Isaac.
  • THE END.
  • We're so sorry for what we said, Isaac. We hope you could forgive us, and befriends with us.
  • It's alright guys! Let's stop discriminating each other and just be friends with one another!