Fat Man Walking
Updated: 2/14/2020
Fat Man Walking

Storyboard Text

  • I got you Pop.
  • Exposition
  • Thanks Son
  • Conflict
  • Don't talk about my dad!!
  • Rising Action
  • Come on Harvey we have to hurry
  • You kids go ahead I'll catch up
  • I can't leave my dad
  • Harvey and his father are out shopping for his favorite shoes when his father gets extremely tired and needs help. Harvey will do anything to help his overweight father.
  • Climax
  • Has anyone seen my father?
  • Kind of fat guy?
  • While taking a rest a car drives up and starts to make fun of Harvey's dad. He does not like this so he throws a rock at the car.
  • Falling Action
  • Do you need us take you to the hospital then home?
  • I'll take your car there with us.
  • Harvey sees his friend while going to get the shoes and he wants to hurry to the store. Harvey does not want to leave his father, but his father insist that he does. So Harvey and his friend leaves his dad.
  • Resolution
  • Harvey was in the sneaker store for a while but his father never walked in, so he went to look for him. He ran down the street until a pair of strangers told him they saw his father.
  • I saw him resting on a curb, some people saw him struggling and helped him out
  • When Harvey got there to aid, a couple offered to take them to a hospital and then home. Harvey was not used to other people helping him with his father.
  • DAD!!!!
  • On the way home from the hospital Harvey thought to himself, he loves his dad more than anything and will do anything for him. No matter what anyone thinks he shows his affection for his Dad.
  • I love you too son
  • I love you dad