converting degree to redian
Updated: 10/9/2018
converting degree to redian
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  • "Come all, Come all"
  • You are one of the few lucky kids to be able to come visit my chocolate factory! Come tomorrow
  • The next day
  • They about to be shook hahaaaaa
  • Welcome to my factory! You guys are some of the lucky few chosen to visit my factory
  • The plot twist
  • WHAT?!
  • To be able to enter my factory you have to be able to convert 45 degree's into radians
  • Jason the main character gets a letter from a famous chocolate factory that he will be able to visit tomorrow after getting a invitation.
  • The math lab
  • 45 degrees ?radians
  • At the chocolate factory it's obvious that a few other kids were invited and there they meet the owner of the factory himself, William Honkers, he has a surprise for them however
  • Smart kid things
  • Jason
  • The factory owner decides that for the people to actually go in and explore his factory they have to convert degrees into radians, Why? We don't know but we continue to go along with it
  • "Jason you are the lucky winner"
  • Welcome to my factory young man, you were the only one who got the correct answer and understood to solve the problem you put the number over 180! Congratulations! Well done I must say
  • The people are taken to the room where they will complete the problem and everyone is confused but one individual 
  • Jason is the one who understands as to be expected, While other's guess he actually knows the correct formula and therefore get's the right answer
  • whew.... I'm glad we just went over this in class a week ago
  • 45 degrees π/4
  • Man I don't know π/6
  • Jason got the correct answer and because of that he was able to get to go in the factory and explore to his heart's content. He got the correct answer by doing 45/180 which could be simplified as 1/f and just put the pi sign instead of the 1. The guy who got π/6 was actually 30 degrees converted.
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